About us
Lacy Bird is an internationally renowned flower studio based in Moscow, in business since 2012.
We use the most up-to-date techniques, set trends and constantly improve qualifications to provide the highest quality of service.

We launched Lacy Bird Academy with a purpose to teach the best practices of modern floristry to everyone who shares our passion for flowers. Over the 5 years, Lacy Bird Academy has trained more than 7000 flower professionals all around the world.
10 000+
BouqUets per year
Professional florists on our team
280 000+
Followers on instagram

Sofya Veyber

Lacy Bird & LBA founder
The creator of Lacy Bird's signature style. Every small detail matters to Sofya. She knows that it's the little things that make up a successful business.

Daria Shulzenko

Teacher and curator of LBA
Uses her knowledge to enhance the world's beauty. Will also teach you to be attentive to details and turn your dreams into reality

Oleg Belyakov

LB Business development manager
Knows all about business processes in the floral industry
Creating content, engaging posts and following trends is her strength. Filling commercial social media accounts with quality content and promoting them is Victoria's goal for the last four years.
SMM-manager, Lacy Bird

Victoria Li

Creative person who modernizes and develops Lacy Bird style with new trends, experimenting with new methods and techniques
Chief florist

Oksana Anikina

Applies all modern, progressive promotion and development methods of the floral industry. Openly shares his knowledge with students.
Lacy Bird Academy CEO

Alexey Shamsutdinov